Which Bookkeeping Software Is Best?

There are so many different types of bookkeeping software out there. With hundreds of different accounting and bookkeeping software on the market today, it can be challenging to determine which one you should be using for your business. In our search for the best bookkeeping software, we looked at various factors to not only compare them but find the best one overall!Want to know which bookkeeping software is the best? Let’s dive in!

QuickBooks Online 

Quickbooks Online is one of the best accounting and bookkeeping software for businesses. It is easy to use, making it great for beginners and is well-designed with a variety of features. The downside to QuickBooks Online is that it can be pretty pricey (access wholesale pricing). Quickbooks online makes it easier to collaborate with your clients, and it’s a lot easier to find a bookkeeper who already knows how to use Quickbooks. 


  • It has an in-depth contact record and transaction forms 
  • Customizable reports 
  • Comprehensive payroll support 
  • Hundreds of different add-ons and integrations 
  • Great user interface and navigation 


  • Price (access wholesale pricing) 


FreshBooks is a pretty well rounded and double-entry bookkeeping experience that offers the same features as many other accounting software. It can support invoices, estimates, expenses, and even time tracking for projects.  


  • Good at keeping client records 
  • Time tracking 
  • Great mobile app 
  • Estimate and retainer ability 
  • Team collaboration tools 


  • You are limited in invoice customization 
  • There are no quarterly tax estimates 


Wave is a great bookkeeping software because it’s free. It’s an excellent service for small businesses and employers who are just getting started, but their free price comes with caveats. If you were in desperate need of accounting software to get you by until you could afford something like Quickbooks, this might be an excellent place to start. 


  • It’s free (though you will pay payroll and payment fees) 
  • Good transaction and invoice management 
  • Multi-Currency options 
  • Instant payouts 


  • There is no time tracking features 
  • Not a great mobile app 
  • Payroll is not as capable as other software 
  • Nearly all of the links open in a new window 

GoDaddy Online  

GoDaddy Bookkeeping has excellent integration with Amazon, eBay, and Etsy making it an attractive option for business owners who utilize and sell through those sites. While the overall functionality of GoDaddy is nothing to write home about, it is easy to use. However, it lacks a lot of the functionality you will find with Quickbooks or even Freshbooks. 


  • Inexpensive bookkeeping software 
  • Simple time entry 
  • Great dashboard for invoicing 
  • Integration with Amazon, eBay, and Etsy 


  • No tracking or bill payment capability 
  • No individual logins for multiple users 
  • There are minimal client information in records 


ZipBooks gives you many of the same features as Wave but with a step up. It’s free software to use, but you can get more features for $15/month. You still get the same invoicing and billing as Wave, but it’s much easier to use. Since this one does offer a free option, if you were on a tight budget during your startup, this could be another viable option. 


  • Auto Billing and payment reminders 
  • Competitive intelligence for data-driven reports 
  • Color-coded UX 
  • Free basic plan with cheap upgrade option 


  • Limited features 


Sage is a great small business accounting application that you can get for your desktop. It has a great set of financial tools with some customization options available. It can also integrate with Microsoft Office, making it easy to share data via the cloud. 


  • Great customizable options 
  • Multiple pricing levels available 
  • Office 365 integration capability 


  • Price 
  • No dashboard 
  • The interface looks dated 
  • The interface is crowded 
  • Nearly all the links open in a new window 


Xero has a very niched case usage. It’s better suited for micro-businesses that need simple accounting software. While it has a clean interface and integrates with a third-party payroll service, it’s not a well-rounded bookkeeping tool. 


  • Cloud-based 
  • Great mobile app 
  • Payroll integration 


  • Minimal reporting 
  • Fees charged for payments 
  • Limited customer service capabilities  

Final Thoughts 

Of all the different bookkeeping and accounting software that we mentioned in this list, the best option for bookkeeping would have to be Quickbooks Online. The basic plan starts at $25+ and goes up from there, or access wholesale pricing. There are so many features that make this one a clear winner! It has a small business accounting software that adds multilingual invoicing and even calculates a project’s profitability. Quickbooks is always making changes to help meet the needs of their customers and work to increase flexibility, user experience, and functionality. Quickbooks Online also offers a variety of plans that can fit directly with your business type from micro-business to large businesses. 

This list only brushes the surface of some of the hundreds of different bookkeeping software out there. However, if you are looking for a great bookkeeping software for your business, these are the ones that we recommend!  

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