For Small Business Owners

Don’t sit through a traditional seminar style bookkeeping class.

We know you are busy and taking two days or longer off of work may not be practical, and even if you do take the time off, statistics show you are not going to retain all of the information.

Our QuickBooks classes are not like the other traditional seminar style classes, we offer hands on, interactive learning through the use of role play, actual data entry of your own bookkeeping, discussions, and quizzes.

Interactive, customized, online classes to fit your schedule

Classes taught by certified QuickBooks Proadvisors

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We offer half-day online customized QuickBooks and bookkeeping training using your own bookkeeping file.

  • No wasting time sitting through lessons that don’t apply to your business. Learn only what you need to learn.
  • Short classes, retain more of what you learn.
  • Perfect for small business owners or employees who need to freshen up their bookkeeping skills.
  • And best of all you get one month of unlimited e-mail support and a month-end check-up of your bookkeeping file to keep you on track.

Learn the fundamentals-customized to your business. 

Learning QuickBooks software is only one step to your QuickBooks success. Just because you learn how to use the software doesn’t mean it will do everything else for you. You still have to know how to properly account for all of your daily transactions, something the other traditional QuickBooks classes fall short at.

For example, the other traditional QuickBooks classes may teach you how to track inventory, but how do you know if it applies to your business? It’s just as important to understand the fundamentals of bookkeeping and accounting so that you can correctly apply your QuickBooks knowledge to your business needs.

We customize the class to your bookkeeping and QuickBooks needs. This means if inventory doesn’t apply to you, you won’t have to sit through learning inventory! You will complete the course feeling confident that you will be able to apply your QuickBooks knowledge in your real-world situations.

Monthly check-up of your bookkeeping file. 

We will provide a confidential check-up of your Quickbooks company at the end of the month and analyze your practices and teach you based on any mistakes made.

Learn through your real world experiences not someone else’s.

 A questionnaire will be sent to you prior to the course that will allow us to analyze your needs so that we can assess your individual skill level and business needs. No wasting time learning things you already know or things you don’t need to know.

Our relationship with you doesn’t end upon class completion.

We know that once you get back to work you will have additional questions, maybe even questions about something we already covered in class, no need to feel embarrassed, we are happy to show you again! We know that practice makes perfect!