Since 2008, Utah Bookkeepers has been providing Utah businesses top quality bookkeeping.

At Utah Bookkeepers we feel strongly about work-life balance. We feel that our clients as well as our bookkeepers should be able to maintain this balance in order to ensure everyone’s success!

We do this by offering our services remotely, this gives our bookkeepers the flexibility to work from any corner of the world and make their own schedule, all the while still providing to our clients the relief of the burden of handling their financial matters.

All of our bookkeepers are highly qualified and tested for their bookkeeping knowledge.

Jamie Strope


Jamie joined Utah Bookkeepers in 2022, taking over for founder, Lisa Hart.  Prior to this time, Jamie worked as an auditor, software consultant, and most recently as the Director of Finance for an independent financial services firm specializing in public sector retirement planning.

With her previous experience, Jamie gained extensive knowledge in managing and operating a successful and growing business.  She was intimately involved in planning and managing all financial activities for her previous firm.

She is currently a Certified Public Accountant in the state of Missouri.  She has worked extensively with QuickBooks since 2011, is a QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor, and considers herself an “excel guru”.

Jamie currently resides in Missouri with her wonderful husband and children.  You will often find her chasing her children around their many extra-curricular activities, at the gym, swimming at the pool or lake, or working and playing around the family farm.

She truly believes that every business, regardless of size, deserves high quality and affordable accounting services. 

Lisa Marie Hart

Lisa Hart

Lisa Hart founded Utah Bookkeepers in 2008.  She has taken great pride in helping her many clients over the years.  Lisa is no longer actively involved in the daily operations of Utah Bookkeepers, but she will always be one of our most valued team members.

Loren Stowers


For the past 7 years Loren has volunteered his services as a bookkeeper and accountant, supervising upwards of 150 volunteers simultaneously for events with over 5000 in attendance.  

During his volunteer service he has also maintained accurate monthly expense tracking, invoice management, and budget forecasting, additionally training others to become competent in keeping accurate and organized accounting records and to do account auditing.

He is the quintessential mathematics nerd, loving to research the history of math, exploring the depths of possibility that Excel can offer, and always having a Rubik’s cube within reach. 

Being QuickBooks Certified, Loren has been able to service various clients in many different fields while working with Utah Bookkeepers for the past 4 years.  

He says, “With the advancement in technology and cloud based services being offered today, Utah Bookkeepers is at the forefront, serving their customers the way that all accounting and bookkeeping will soon be done.”


Jenessa Nielson

Jenessa started using QuickBooks Desktop when she was in high school doing the bookkeeping for her dad’s small business. Now, as a certified ProAdvisor in QuickBooks Online, Advanced, and QuickBooks Payroll, she works with construction and job costing, independent contractors, as well as individuals needing help with personal budgets. Jenessa loves to see her clients take control of their finances and know their numbers so they can make the best decisions for themselves and their business. 

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her kids and riding her horse, Josie. 


Allison Stallo

Allison has been working in accounting and bookkeeping since 2007. She has a love for numbers, music, languages, animals, learning and adventure.

Allison began working for Missouri Bookkeepers’ sister company, Utah Bookkeepers, while living abroad in South America doing international volunteer work, and continued as she moved across the world again to China.

After living and working abroad for over ten years, Allison is back in the United States and works for a wide range of clients in different industries including fabrication of building materials, construction, architecture, medical research, rental properties and more. She looks forward to being able to connect with clients around the country and to help provide support as their business grow and thrive.

Talese Clark

Talese Clark

As a junior member of our staff, Talese brings a high level of support to our other team members. She recently opened up her own coffee truck and has already started investing in real estate. When she’s not working, she tries to travel as much as possible.