No contracts – we pride ourselves on earning your business every month!

Financial reports ready by the 20th of the following month or they’re free!


“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

— Walt Disney

It’s make or break

Bookkeeping is a crucial aspect to your success as a business, without it, you lack the insight needed to adjust your strategies. A successful business owner needs to know and understand their bottom line.

Your success is our success

At Utah Bookkeepers, we specialize in small business and start-ups. We will help you understand your financial reports and guide you through any questions you have about your business finances.

Easy and affordable

We want to eliminate all barriers to this crucial aspect of your business. We do this by making it super affordable and easy to sign-up.

How Remote Bookkeeping Works

Upon signing up, you will be contacted by one of our on-boarding specialists, who will walk you through the process and answer any questions you have along the way.

Enable – If you already have an existing bookkeeping file set-up you will enable us to view the file. If you don’t we can start one for you. Our on-boarding specialist will help you determine which accounting software will work best for your business.

Acquaint – Complete a questionnaire that will help us get to know more about your business and your needs.

Set-Up – Provide VIEW ONLY, guest user access to all relevant financial accounts such as checking, savings, credit cards, loans, etc. Our company policy does not allow us to have access to your funds, so if your bank or financial institution does not allow VIEW ONLY access, you will need to provide us with statements.

You Relax – We’ll get to work doing what we do best and you can get back to doing what you do best. Like magic, your financials will show up in your inbox each month and tax time will be breeze, with our year-end reporting for your tax accountant. And if you ever have any questions we’re always here to talk. Let us take it from here!


Because of that we don’t have a set pricing structure, we don’t believe in a one-size or even a few sizes fits all, pricing plan.

Upon completion of your first month of bookkeeping we will present you with a flat monthly rate for your bookkeeping going forward. (Our monthly rates start at $25 per month and go up to several hundred a month depending on your volume. Our average monthly rate is $75-$99/month, however start-ups are often $25 per month) At that time, you can continue with our services or simply pay $25 and keep the month of bookkeeping we completed for you.


Behind on your bookkeeping? Don’t worry, we can get you caught up!