1. Learn to delegate

Along with many business owners, you may think of your company as your baby. Nobody else can do the work as good as you. If you’re doing everything, from the bookkeeping, payroll, sales, marketing, and servicing, etc., then you won’t be able to give each aspect your full attention and can’t possibly be the best at ALL OF IT. You’ve got to figure out what outsourcing needs to be done. The more delegating you do for daily tasks, the more time you as the business owner/ entrepreneur will have to spend building the business

2. Spend time building your network

With a larger network, you will be able to find better employees, managers, investors, etc. that you can entrust with your baby that you’ve raised from the ground up.

3. Be creative

Successful entrepreneurs realize there can (and should) be more than just one income source in every business. Allow some of the sources to sustain themselves, creating a residual income. Stay open to new opportunities without spreading yourself and your business too thin.

4. Focus your energy

Yes, I did just say to have more than one flow of income, but focus on building one of the sources at a time before expanding. Take baby steps in the beginning until you’re up on your feet.

5. Find ways to make your money work for you

There are plenty of ways to invest your money or earn residual income. All you need is to hustle hard in the beginning and let your money multiply even while you are sleeping.

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