Quickbooks Software Pricing Increase

Recently, Quickbooks announced a pricing increase for Quickbooks online software. The price increase will begin July 15th for new customers, or August 1st for existing customers. However, if you have a membership through your accounting firm, the increase will begin September 1st. 

What does this mean for you?

Your monthly pricing will increase on the dates listed above. If you have a subscription through your accounting firm they should contact you to inform you of the price increase. Although your rate will go up, you will also gain access to a multitude of new features. 

Why is the price increasing?

In order to efficiently grow as a community and company, QuickBooks must be able to sustain, which results in price increases over time. For example, new software updates and advancements to the site requires more work, time, and money. 

What’s in it for me?

Quickbooks has implemented new and improved features for your business. 

Bill Pay via Melio: Upgraded, embedded bill payment service that allows companies and clients to offer flexibility on payments and decide how the vendors receive the payments. 

Tagging: Allows businesses to more accurately and efficiently see when and where they are spending their money.

Quickbooks Cash: No-fee business bank account with plenty of helpful tools and insights-the best part-it syncs automatically with QuickBooks online. 

Instant Deposit: Pre-select date and time to schedule an automatic instant deposit.

Quickbooks Commerce: Business management platform that assists small businesses in attracting and selling to new customers across multiple e-commerce platforms. 

To learn more about each of these improvements and advancements, please visit https://www.firmofthefuture.com/content/quickbooks-online-innovation-highlights/

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